Making P3 simple, repeatable and agile
  • Lean3 for P3

    Projects, Pgms, Portfolios

  • Making P3 simple

    Ensure repeatable success

  • Steps to Agility

    P3 + Agile = Hybrid

  • Lean3 for P3

    Projects, Pgms, Portfolios

  • Making P3 simple

    Ensure repeatable success

  • Steps to Agility

    P3 + Agile = Hybrid

What is Lean3?

Part 5 of 5 : Using Good Practice by design


Project Routing uses Good Practice bricks

Good Practice by Design

Building Good Practice into every project

An automobile factory has production lines, workstations and routings. A Lean Factory can deliver custom products while respecting Good Practice and standards.

  • A production line comprises a group of workstations. It is a production facility for one type of product.
  • Each workstation uses Good Practice.
  • A production routing is a specific path though various workstations . This allows the production line to produce a custom product (each car can be different)

The Project Factory has Project Scenarios, bricks and project routings. These allow each project to use Good Practice

  • a Project Scenario comprises a group of bricks. It is a high-level template for one type of project
  • a brick is a module of Good Practice
  • a Project Routing is project-specific, as each project is different

Project Design is the activity of generating a Project Routing. Project Design recognises that each project is different; but anchors the project in Good Practice.

The Project Scenario

A Project Scenario is a high-level template for one type of project. It is a Good Practice module designed for reuse.  

A Project Scenario is a collection of bricks of Good Practice. Each scenario has different practices. For example, one scenario may be for the selection and deployment of packaged software; it would have bricks of Good Practice for coding standards, testing, deployment, etc. Another scenario may be the launch of a new product; it would have bricks for product design, market surveys, advertising, etc. 

Project Scenarios and bricks are stored in shared libraries.

Project Design is a starting point

An early activity for a new project is Project Design. Each project is different, so each project needs to be designed. The generic Project Scenario is the starting point. It needs to be customised.

The Project Design activity goes from the general to the specific. It allows for customisation (each project is different).

  • the input is generic: a Project Scenario 
  • the output is specific: a Project Routing

Project Design customises the Project Scenario, using an understanding of the specific nature of the project, such as:

  • the flow of work
  • necessary control points
  • acquisition of knowledge

Project Design lays the ground work for Good Practice – the Project Routing includes a choice of bricks of Good Practice. It anchors the project in standard Good Practice.

Project Design also produces a Macro-plan, which lays the foundation for planning.

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