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Is there anything in Lean3 on Sustainability? I am also looking for a “Sustainable Prince 2 Methodology” applicable to IT projects. I’m open to any ideas.


Your need is for sustainable IT solutions. Lean3 is not your “off-the-shelf” solution – it does not directly address sustainability. But Lean3 does provide you with a framework to move forwards.

Lean3 is a method based on repeated processes. This allows for continuous improvement. Processes should evolve in time. They should be optimised for repeated project success. And for you, success includes sustainability.

Using Lean3, you would to start with the best processes that you have today, even if they are not perfect. Processes which provide the first-step solution for sustainability. Plug them in to the Lean3 framework, then optimise.

Lean3 provides you with a basis for continuous improvement. Lean3 has a focus on feedback and improvement. Using feedback from project teams, you will improve your processes over time, to improve project success rates and improve sustainability.

You are a searching for a Prince2 based method. Lean3 provides you with a framework which is highly compatible with Prince2. Lean3 is a gate process, like Prince2. You will find many echos of Prince2 in Lean3, but remember that Lean3 is inspired by the success of Lean Manufacturing, so you will also find many differences.

You are working in IT. IT needs hybrid project management methods, where classical approaches co-exist with agility. Lean3 brings the right tools for this, ensuring the project is correctly designed (and hybridised) before detailed costings and planning are done, and before any delivery work starts.

I support your drive towards sustainability in project management. If you wish to discuss further by mail, phone or Zoom, then do contact me directly.

Written by Jeff on April 23, 2021 in blog
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