A Project Scenario is a high level project management template
Written by Jeff on February 8, 2017 in concepts

Start design with a Project Scenario

A Project Scenario is a high-level construct, designed for sharing and reuse. It will be stored in a library, which promotes sharing. It may evolve in time, based on feedback from use.

It is composed of bricks of Good Practice. The Project Scenario is standardised (many projects can start from the same, proven starting point); and it is composed of standard bricks of Good Practice (projects can be anchored in proven ways of working).

It is a type of project template, which helps to structure the high-level design of a project. It is optional: for some projects, there may not be a scenario to serve as a starting point for design.

A Project Scenario is a high level project management template

It is modular, composed of bricks. This makes it easy to apply to a wide diversity of projects; a project team may choose to add, remove or amend bricks, according to their exact needs.

Examples of scenarios

Examples of Horizontal scenarios (general purpose)

  • small gate-process project, using specifications
  • agile project, using discovery and iteration
  • feasibility study

Examples of Vertical scenarios (industry or activity specific)

  • software development
  • new product introduction
  • product development
  • packaged software selection and deployment
  • ERP deployment
  • deploy a new release of office desktop software
  • move a team into new offices
  • organise an event