A recent survey of Prince2 users showed that Product Based Planning is their favourite part of Prince2 – without it, Prince2 would not be Prince2, they said. It’s their favourite, but is it lean?
Product Based Planning is essentially lean for several reasons.
• It focuses on the end deliverable
• The product breakdown structure is a good means to get teamwork and consensus (I suggest to create the PBS using sticky notes in front of a flip chart, with the team all standing and participating)
• The product breakdown structure is a good communications tool
• It reduces the complexity of the planning process (typically there are 20 products but hundreds of tasks)
• It turns planning into a structured process
• It supports management by stages, which allows for late commitment (which is a lean keystone)
• Product descriptions help capture business requirements and quality criteria and therefore help to avoid rework
• Product descriptions can be written on a just-in-time basis (typically in the stage before the product will be produced)
Lean or not lean? Product Based Planning is decidedly lean.
Written by Jeff on May 7, 2010 in blog
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