Library of reusable good practice
Written by Jeff on February 8, 2017 in concepts

Library of Project Management practice


Libraries can contain modules of Good Practice,  both Project Scenarios and Bricks of Good Practice.

Communities of Practice

A library contains Good Practice to support a Community of Practice. This is a group with shared interests, who work on similar types of project, using similar Good Practice.

There are industry related or vertical Communities of Practice, for example in Construction (around BIM) and Petrochemicals (around PetroGate).

Software development has many vertical Communities of Practice, mostly focussed on Agile approaches (SCRUM, Kanban, etc).

There is a horizontal Community of Practice around PMBok (with national and local PMI chapters). Prince2 has significantly failed to generate a Community of Practice.

In some large companies such as Orange or IBM there are local Communities of Practice. 

Three levels of library

Libraries can be

  • horizontal (general purpose)
  • vertical (industry or activity specific)
  • local (company- or team-specific)

Use Prince2 focus on products


Here is an example of how variants of the same Good Practice could exist as three different bricks in three libraries


  • General purpose version of Phase and Gate process (based on Prince2)


  • Petrochemicals version of Phase and Gate process (based on PetroGate)


  • Company-specific version of Phase and Gate model for XYZ Chemicals



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