Written by Jeff on March 30, 2017 in example

This example shows how a Routing for one project might look. This is based on a real-world project in a government ministry, run by an experienced Project Manager, Prince2 certified, running multiple projects. 

The Routing is composed of multiple bricks of Good Practice selected from a Prince2-related horizontal library

This example is illustrative, for discussion purposes only. 

Type Sub-type Brick Description
Lifecycle Early work Two Gate Start Two gates before project delivery can start
Lifecycle Delivery Un-gated delivery No gates during project delivery
Planning Plan Project Plan High level plan for whole project
Planning Plan Team Plans based on Product Descriptions When work is given to a team, the work plan is based on written product description(s)
Scope Specification Description of final product Written description of what the project must deliver or produce
Scope Specification Project PBS A high level product breakdown structure for the entire project. Typically 15-20 products
Scope Specification Product Descriptions Written descriptions of each product
Scope Confirmation of solution Prototype An approximate solutions with limited functionality. Ensures feedback.
Team Small Project Part time PM Project Manager works part time
Team Small Project PM runs integration activity During project delivery, the Project Manager delivers integration products.
Team Small Project PM runs QC team During project delivery, the Project Manager manages a quality control or testing team
Delivery PM tracking doc Risk Log A document to store risks (future uncertain events)
Delivery PM tracking doc Issue Log A document to store issues (current problems or requests)
Delivery PM tracking doc Decision Log A record of project decisions
Delivery PM tracking doc Communications Plan A document to plan communications to project stakeholders
Delivery Method of delivery Delivery by Internal team (Specification) Delivery of work by internal team. Written specification, agreed plan.
Delivery Delivery tracking Checkpoint reports Regular written report from a delivery team to Project Manager
Delivery Delivery Quality PM defines quality (on Product Specification) Quality is specified by the Project Manager prior to delivery of work by a team.