Brick of good practice
Written by Jeff on February 8, 2017 in concepts

Reusable bricks of Good Practice

A brick is small, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use element of Good Practice.

Good Practice bricks

Bricks are designed to be used and then reused.

Types of brick

Some bricks will be process-related

  • Starting a large project
  • Phase and Gate process
  • Running a sprint or time-box

Some bricks will be stand-alone

  • Risk management for a small project
  • The role of the project board for a large project
  • House rules for a sub-team

Examples of Bricks in three levels of library

Library of Project Management practice

Local Library

Bricks in a local library will be company-specific or team-specific

  • Company purchasing process overview
  • Site health and safety checklist
  • Procedure for updating the company website
  • Phase and Gate model for bid-and-tender process

Vertical Library

Bricks in a vertical library will be industry-specific

  • Software development: managing versions with GIT or SVN
  • Railway industry: measuring project risk
  • Construction: controlling costs on a self-build project
  • Phase and Gate skeleton process for petrochemicals industry

Horizontal Library

Bricks in a horizontal library will be general-purpose

  • Role of the Project Board
  • Phase and Gate process
  • Risk management for a small project