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Jeff – lean3
3rd generation Project Management
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  • Open Source

    Project Management

  • Project Factory

    Reusable modules

  • Proven libraries

    Ratings and Likes

The story of Lean3

I started working on Lean3 in 2010. My inspiration was the excellent book “The Machine that Changed the World”, the story of Lean Manufacturing. I was floundering until 2014, when I was rescued by David J. Anderson

More examples coming soon

It’s been a long journey to open this site. It’s open, but we need more examples of Good Practice modules…

Watch this space. Coming soon.

Example of a Routing for a government IT project

This example relates to one project, where the Project Manager is using bricks of Good Practice from a Prince2-related horizontal library.

Example of a library (PINO)

This example is shows Good Practice bricks in a horizontal library.

The library contains bricks related to the Prince2 method.

Sharing drives improvement

Sharing drives continuous improvement Efficiency is based on continuous improvement Efficient teams or organisations have good processes. Efficiency is not created in a day. It is based on continuous improvement. Continuous improvement requires feedback. Feedback from the process. It could be in the form of measurements or as lessons learned. Feedback is part of an […]

Libraries of Good Practice

Libraries can contain both scenarios and bricks. They can be horizontal (general purpose), vertical (industry or activity specific) or local (company- or team-specific)

Reusable Bricks of Good Practice

A brick is small, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use element of Good Practice,
designed to be used and then reused

Start with a Project Scenario

A Project Scenario is a high-level construct, designed for sharing and reuse. It is a project template, which structures the high-level design of a project.

The Project Factory

Lean manufacturing drives efficiency through Good Practice, which is optimised by continuous improvement. Good Practice is the foundation stone of Lean. The Project Factory is derived from the Lean Factory

Two words to clarify Agile

Agile is a mystery to many project managers. They are confused. That’s because they don’t understand how Agile fundamentally differs from traditional Project Management
Two concepts help clarify things, specification and discovery

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